Getting my confidence back.


Sorry I disappeared again, my mental health dropped so I decided to have a mini break while I go through the motions and work on a few things to get me back on track and while I've been gone I've been pushing myself out of my comfort zone a little at a time.

It's been going really well and I'm in such a better place because of it.

"So what have you been up to?" I hear no one asking...

Well, I'm going to tell you anyway, lol.

I started with little things like travelling by myself on train and walking around areas I usually wouldn't on my own, I actually used the phone to ring up about a job, without crying and I've been working on my confidence...

I'd been in denial about my weight gain for so long and started to really hate my appearance, but lately I've started to really accept my body as it is. This new boost has got me wearing cropped tops again, and I even posted a picture on FB of the tops of my legs, which I wouldn't usually do cos I've never liked them, but this has really helped me.

I hope this feeling doesn't leave me!

I also got 2 new tattoos, my nose pierced and even changed my hair colour, twice.

I'll talk a little about my hair, but not much cos I'll be making a separate entry about this later on.

So the first, I was still ginger but I put pink underneath my fringe, so it just poked out a little and I also did the tips in pink too. I eventually did get bored, despite saying I wouldn't and ended up going back pink and green, but I used a different brand of dye and dyed it in a different style, as you can see.

You can also see the piercing in the first pic, how cute is that? I might try putting a ring in it at some point and lastly, look at how lovely my tattoos are, can you tell I like tea? Lol.

Well there we are for a quick catch up. I'll be making a belated Valentine's post as well as one about my hair.

Thanks for reading and hopefully it shouldn't be too long for my next entry!

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