A whole new world...

 Hey guys.

I know I kind of abandoned you for the past year and I am sorry about that but a lot of life changing events have kind of happened to me in that time.

In this post I'm going to share as much as I'm comfortable with.

The little things:

So lets kick things off with some of the smaller things...

  1.  I've been sucked into the world of K-Pop. I mostly only follow Ateez (who I'm going to see soon), Stray Kids and Got7/all the members solo work. I also like Astro, but that's not a new one.
  2.  I've become obsessed with anime again, all thanks to Tokyo Revengers, Blue Period and HoriMiya.
  3. My shoe collection has grown, a lot.
  4. My style these days swaps between emo-girl, surfer bum and like a K-Pop/hip hop kind of thing.
  5. I've started getting back into cosplay.

The big stuff:

Now lets move onto the bigger changes...

  1. After just over 8 years, I am single and have moved back in with my parents. I have stolen my old room back from my nephew, which means I have race car wallpaper, Lightening McQueen curtains, and my old Marvel bed sheets.
  2. I got a job.I started off on a temporary 12hr contract and in a year I've been made permanent, got a higher contract and I'm being trained to be a supervisor.
  3. I've been kicking my anxiety in the butt lately, by going out shopping and going on public transport on my own. The biggest test is going to be when I travel to Stansted, to meet Sarah, for the Ateez weekend.
  4. I seem to be okay with my body image and have a lot of confidence again, which you'll be able to notice in my outfits from now on.

 ...Well, there you go, that's about it for the changes, that I can think of from the top of my head. I plan on making a few posts of my most recent outfits and adventures to get you all ready for my London/Ateez posts.

Ahh! I'm so excited!

Anyways, thanks for reading.

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