Where the magic happens...

 Hey guys.

So I don't know if you read my catch up entry (here) from Jan, but I mentioned that we renovated our bedroom during the first lockdown and, I'm finally getting round to making a post to show you the changes.

I know, it's some exciting stuff, right?

Since we forgot to take photos before we got started on the bedroom, I'm having to use some 2018 that I've managed to find on Facebook for this part and a few things had changed since these photos, but I'l explain that later...


So this is what our room used to look like.

We had matte black walls, except one with Marvel wallpaper. The wall with the door had a big big chest of drawers with a Dracula poster hanging above it, and we ended up adding a shelf above the bed sometime after these were taken. It was very cramped and cluttered and wardrobe space was practically non existant.

We said it would make do until we got our own place, thinking we'd be moved out by now, but due to me having no job and Covid, we've had to put that on hold, so decided to make the room more comfortable for us both.


We kept the bed and TV in the same place, but we swapped the matte black for a light grey on one wall and white on the other two, to make it lighter in the room. We kept the Marvel wall, because its too cool not to, lol. There's a few more shelves and a proper computer desk, with room for my laptop as well as the 2 screens. We also have our own wardrobes now and a book case with very good shoe and bag storage room.

Which we know was definitely needed.

The room seems more spacious and we now have areas to do our own stuff, so even though we keep buy more stuff, we don't feel as cramped. There was even room to display all my Exile, J Soul Brothers and Doberman Infinity stuff, which has made me happy because they've become such a big part of my life now.


Oh and one more thing, before I forget...

...We now have lights all round the room and computer screens, that we can control by using our Google dot, or theres an app too, where you can make the lights move in time with the music. As shown in the video. Sure it's a faf to do, but it's worth it.

Mini bedroom disco!

Anyways, I hope you liked this one, I'm done for now.
Thanks, as always, for reading.

Edit: I did have a video showing the lights but it apparently didn’t work, which is sad.